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Self-Administered ART

Terms & Conditions


By using this telemedicine service, you agree and acknowledge to the following:


  1. You do not feel unwell and do not require any consultation with a doctor. You do not have any of the following red-flag symptoms and have no conditions requiring immediate need of medication care and/or attention. Red-flag symptoms include, but are not limited, to the following:

    • chest pain

    • breathing difficulties

    • recurrent vomiting

    • neurological symptoms, e.g.: visual disturbances, dizziness and imbalance, weakness or numbness of face or limbs

    • pregnancy-related complications

    • severe and persistent abdominal pain

    • prolonged fever of 3 days or more

    • severe injuries

  2. The video you (known henceforth as “Supervised ART Subject”) will be submitting is of clear visual and audio quality, and is entirely uninterrupted and unedited from start to end. The video must clearly present the following with an unobstructed line of sight:

    • Supervised ART Subject’s face alongside an identification card showing the subject’s photograph and NRIC/FIN number

    • Supervised ART Subject’s name and identification number verbally articulated by the Supervised ART Subject

    • packaging of ART kit  to be used by the Supervised ART Subject which shows that it is unopened, undamaged and otherwise untampered with, as well as a clear view of the ART kit’s buffer lot number and expiry date found on the external of its packaging

    • the ART kit and all its components, from the start to the end of the self-administered test

    • current date, time and Supervised ART Subject’s NRIC/FIN number clearly written on the ART kit after it has been opened

    • the Supervised ART Subject’s face, from the start of undergoing the sampling activity to the end of the testing activity

    • the Supervised ART Subject when performing the testing activity

    • the results of the self-administered test which must be on display in the video for no less than 15 minutes.

  3. You have completed and submitted the MOH health declaration form.

  4. Minors under the age of 16 and any subject without agency would not be accepted.

  5.  PanCare Medical reserves the right to reject any submitted video that do not satisfy the conditions in clause 2 above without refunding any payments received.

  6.  All teleconsultations are private paid without subsidy.

  7.  You consent to the collection, use and/or disclosing of your personal data for the purpose of provision of telemedicine and related services. PanCare Medical takes data protection seriously. Our telemedicine consultation is conducted in accordance with stringent Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and medical confidentiality requirements. Personal identifiable data will be used solely for the purpose of delivery and coordination of patient care.

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